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Truth About Democracy

Posted on: Februari 3, 2011

Assalamualaikum, this article is copied from Al-Junnah.com (www.aljunnah.com). Source


No other word has ever had such presumption than democracy: excessive attention, propaganda and care have been devoted to it; the spotlights were shed on it became the centre of attention everywhere; to most people it became the perfect model, the ‘yard stick` and most individuals proudly announce that they are democrats, this has reached a point …where some of those who claim to be working for Islam began calling for democracy.  Therefore a look at the reality of democracy has become necessary, to demonstrate why it contradicts Islam.

Democracy means the rule ‘ of the people by the people and for the people `, i.e. the sovereignty belongs to the people , or further more , it is the people who exercise their will by laying down their own laws and hiring the rulers to implement those laws upon them; therefore freedom had to be given to the people in order to allow them to choose the system they want.  This is completely contradictory to Islam.  In Islam the sovereignty is to Shari‘ah and not to the people, i.e. the rule belongs to Allah (SWT); all human beings are servants to Allah and should abide by His rules and implement His system.  Thus the Islamic ‘aqeeda (doctrine) is the cornerstone of the Islamic state, all the rules implemented in the Islamic state must be derived from the ‘aqeeda , i.e. they should emanate from the divine revelation (wahy) and not to the mind , for the mind is subject  to differences, disparities, contradictions and various influences.  Therefore, the rules must come from the Lord of the servants.

The democratic system is designed by humans and is the fruit of their minds, this in essence is contradictory to Islam.  Some (naive) Muslims failed to differentiate between the ‘shura’ system in Islam and the political system of democracy, for both of them rely on selection and voting, therefore they erroneously associate Islam as being democratic.  This is, however, a flagrant error, because the function of the shura council is consultative, whereas that of the parliament in the democratic system is legislative.

It is necessary to understand that the shura council is not allowed to legislate, for the legislator is Allah (SWT); whereas the parliament is the institution that legislates, adopts and alters the rules at will, but in Islam no one is allowed to legislate or alter any of Allah’s rules.

As for the concept of the ‘freedom’ which lies at the basis of democracy, this too contradicts Islam for their are no freedoms in Islam. The basis that Islam came with  decrees that man is a servant to Allah(SWT). It is the noblest of characteristics and highest attainment in life for the human being to be a servant to Allah (SWT), it is also the perfect worship for the servant to obey the commands of the one most worthy to be worshipped; that is contradictory to the concept of exercising one’s own sovereignty on which the fallacious concepts of freedom have been founded in the West.

The freedoms indoctrinated to people in the West and on which the democratic system is based are four :

1. Freedom of expression (opinion) : And from it the democratic system of government was established; this has no place in Islam for the Islamic state has the Islamic aqeeda as its basis, and no opinion that violates that ‘aqeeda is allowed;

Allah (SWT) says,

“The rule is to none but Allah.” (TMQ 6:57)

He (SWT) also says,

“That is the judgment of Allah.  He judges between you. Allah is the knower, the wise.” (TMQ 10:60)

Therefore it is forbidden to have any thought contradicting the rule of Allah.

2 .Freedom of creed (belief) : This also has no place in Islam, the apostate is killed after being given a chance to repent, for the Messenger of Allah said;

“Whoever changes his deen , kill him.”

The verse in which Allah (SWT) says “There is no compulsion in the deen,” (TMQ 2:256) does not apply to this type of freedom for the verse means that no one will be forced to embrace Islam but when hedoes he cannot apostatise, otherwise he would be killed as mentioned in the hadith.

3. The Freedom of ownership : from which the capitalist economic system was derived has no place in Islam either, for Islam has decreed the purposes for  lawful ownership and the forbidden means of ownership. Islam has forbidden usury, gambling, monopoly, prostitution, amusement centres etc.

4. Personal freedom : This freedom which lead to social decline and immorality in the west is clearly at the root of the rottenness of the Western culture which allows whims and animal desires to run loose, whereas Islam has determined the behaviour of  humankind and laid down some restrictions to regulate and balance his instincts, thereby commanding him to satisfy his instincts and organic needs according to Shari‘ah rules. This is where Islam manifests its total adversity to the concept of democracy and freedom.

Furthermore attention should be drawn to the delusion that Muslims will achieve Islamic rule by democratic means, which the kufr (disbelieving) West have exported to Muslim countries in order to destroy Islam and stop the Islamic campaigners in their tracts lest they seize power and Islam regains ruling. Democracy was introduced to the Islamic world when the Western countries met in Berlin to dismember the Ottoman state at the end of the 19th century, thus making sure that the Muslim world would never be able to establish the Islamic rule. There are many examples to back this fact, the latest of which is Algeria where everyone witnessed how the West responded, when they saw the Islamic campaigners winning the majority of the votes they instructed their  collaborators in the armed forces to stage a coup to preserve the ‘democratic course’ as they claimed, in other words to preserve the kufr (non Islamic) regime and prevent the Muslims seizing power.  Their hypocrisy knew no bounds. Mitterand said at the time that France was willing to intervene militarily if the Muslims seized power. Meanwhile in Turkey Mandris used Islamic slogans to gather support for his campaign, he won a sweeping majority in parliament which would have enabled him if he wished to change the constitution, that was according to the rules of the country. The west was fearful of the return of Islam to the political scene, for this would encourage people to proclaim more, the West therefore encouraged  its collaborators in the army to stage a coup in 1960, this lead to the downfall of Mandris. He was judged and executed and secularism and Kemalism (attributed to Mustapha Kemal’s revolution), was preserved  according to the West.

The west also moved in 1980 and staged a coup with the help of their collaborators in the wake of Kenyan demonstration where people called for Islam.

Therefore Muslims must distance themselves from the democratic illusion and abandon the idea of calling for Islam through democracy. for aswell as being a concept that contradicts Islam and a formidable obstacle for the Muslims from ruling, it is a concept that the west have conjured, the west that destroyed the Islamic state, worked and still is working towards preventing the return of the Islamic state.

Islam has a specific method brought to us by revelation, which must be followed in order to re-establish the Islamic rule. Therefore the Islamic campaigners must learn and adopt the method of the Messenger of Allah (SAW) and abide by it, for it is the correct and only method that must be followed, they should work towards eradicating the misconceptions of democracy and freedom from Muslims’ minds and sentiments and implant the concept of the necessity of  abiding and adhering to the Shari‘ah of Allah (SWT) as individuals in their day to day lives, as a society and as a state.

Therefore, it is to the method of the Messenger of Allah that we invite all Muslims to work towards establishing the Khilafah.  And Allah helps those who struggle for his cause.



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Assalamualaikum WBT.

Terima kasih krn sudi memuatkan artikel daripada website baru ini disini. Dah ada sedikit promosi buat para pelayar dari Malaysia. Saudara still kenal lg saya kan? Jika tidak keberatan, sila linkkan pada website saya ni ya..


Wa alaikumussalam. Maaf sebab lambat memberikan respon. Komen sdr telah dimasukkan oleh wordpress ke ruang spam. Saya pun tak pasti mengapa. Saya memang jarang memeriksa ruang spam tersebut. Mujurlah hari ni saya tergerak untuk memeriksanya.

Insya Allah saya akan link laman tersebut di dalam blog saya.

p.s. Masih ingat lagi… =)


Oh begitu rupanya. Mungkin tindakan saya memasukkan link pada komen saya menyebabkan sistem blog WordPress saudara menandakannya sebagai SPAM secara automatik. Lain kali saya perlu berhati-hati dalam memberikan ulasan serta komen pada laman WordPress ini. Entahla, walaupun dah lama berblogging menggunakan platform WordPress, namun masih tidak mampu mengelakkan misconception terhadap komen saya, sebagaimana yang telah berlaku pada komen posting disini.

Mungkin saudara lepas ini perlu memasukkan halaman AlJunnah.com sebagai whitelist, bukan black list bagi memudahkan. Website ini adalah juga merupakan blog WordPress yang menggunakan self install dalam server tersendiri (dengan bayaran) serta domain dot com untuk mengkormesialkan lagi idea Islam ini pada laman internet. Alhamdulillah, Allah dah menggerakkan hati saudara untuk meng’approve’ komen seorang remaja mentah ini. Secara tak lansung dapat promosi disini. Al-Maklumlah laman web baru.

Insha Allah… Jika ada kelapangan silalah berkunjung disini. Jika saudara berminat, boleh juga jadi penulis pada laman ini, dan juga halaman KhilafahConcepts.com (akan dilancarkan) dengan kerjasaman para da’ie dari seluruh dunia. Al-Junnah setakat ini mempunyai 3 org penulis, saya, syabah Malaysia dan syabab dari Amerika, masih memerlukan ramai lagi tenaga kerja bagi memastikan mesej kami dapat disampaikan kepada semua bagi memastikan suara kebenaran didengari secara global. Insha Allah.

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Truth About Democracy

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