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Blind, Dumb, and Deaf

Posted on: November 21, 2009

Assalamualaikum, this time I would like to share a story of which I received from my facebook account. [oh, please don’t be shocked to the fact that I have a facebook account. It is mubah (permissible) for Muslims to make full use of the network as long as they do not transgress the guidelines that have been lined by the syara’. This has been endorsed by MUI – Majelis Ulama’ Indonesia. Wallahua’lam.]

A Mistake Worth its Weight in Gold

One of the Salaf entered a field, hungry and tired, so he wanted to eat, and his stomach was ‘rumbling’. He saw an apple tree, and picked an apple to eat. He ate half of it under the protection of Allah, then he drank from the river near the field. After that, he suddenly realised that he was not aware of what he did due to his hunger, and thought to himself: Woe to you! How can you eat someone else’s provision without permission. In remorse he was determined not to leave the place until he found the owner of the garden, and confess to him that he had eaten his provision without his permission. He looked around and saw a house and went up to the door and knocked on it.

The owner came out and asked him what he wanted.

The Salaf said: “I was hungry and entered your garden and took this apple and ate half of it, then I remembered it was not mine, and I came to beg you to forgive me for this mistake.”
The man replied, “I will not forgive you except on one condition?”
So the Salaf asked (and he is Thaabit bin Nu’maan), “What is your condition?”

The owner of the garden said: “I want you to marry my daughter.”
The honourable Salaf without hesitation said: “yes, I will marry her”. The father of the girl then said: “I want you to know that my daughter is blind and cannot see, dumb and cannot speak, deaf and cannot hear.”

The revelation shocked Thaabit bin Nu’maan and thoughts flashed through his mind – what a disaster – what’s he going to do? Then he remembered that the trials and tribulation he has to endure by accepting this woman as his wife, and taking care of her and serving her is better for him than to eat the food (sadeed) of hellfire due to the fact that he had eaten the apple without permission. He also realised that if he did not make amends, his days in the dunya are numbered. So he promised to marry the girl, and prayed for forgiveness and reward from Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

The day of marriage came, and the man was nervous and very worried: “How will I enter upon a woman who does not speak, see, or hear?!” What a dilemma, and he wished the earth would swallow him before that happened ( i.e. going the wedding ceremony), but he remembered Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and said: “Laa Hawla wa laa quwata illa billah, wa inna lilah wa inna ilayhi raji’oon.” He went off to the wedding ceremony and when he arrived, his future bride stood up and greeted him, saying, “Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.”

When he saw her, it took his breath away and remembered what he had imagined of the hoor il-‘ayn in paradise. Gaining his composure, he blurted out: “What is this? So you speak, see, and hear.” Thaabit bin Nu’maan then informed her what her father had to told him.

She gave him the most beautiful smile and said: “My father spoke the truth and he didn’t lie.”

“But why did he tell me things about you which are untrue?
She replied, “My father said I am dumb, because I have never said a word which displeases Allah, nor have I ever spoken to a man whom it is not permissable to speak to. [He said] I am deaf, because I have never sat it in a place where malicious backbiting, gossip or tale-telling takes place. [He said] I am blind because I have never looked at a man who was not permissable for me to look.”

So ponder how Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala united this pious woman to this pious man.!!

From the Original Arabic Piece by Adel bin Muhammad al-Abdul ‘Aalee
Translated by Abu Dujanah

The phrase “So ponder how Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala united this pious woman to this pious man.!!” really strikes my heart. This has also been mentioned in the Holy Quran,

Women impure are for men impure, and men impure for women impure and women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of purity: these are not affected by what people say: for them there is forgiveness, and a provision honourable. [TMQ An-Nur: 26]

Subhanallah, this story as well as the aforementioned verse really makes me wonder, “Do I really deserve to have a pious woman as my wife, the one who will be there through thicks and thins in this life and Hereafter? Do I really have the quality of a Mu’min to deserve a Mu’minat as my significant other?”

I’ve heard this story before. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, a Nasheed group had made a song out of the story (I’m sorry I can’t recall which group and what’s the title of the song). But the impact was never this great towards my life before. Maybe because at that time, I was too young to think about the marriage and what lies beyond. Hmm… whatever it is, one thing for sure, I must change. I must improve myself and repent for all the wrongdoings that I have commited. Not only because of I longed for a pious wife, but the most important thing is that to please Allah and hoping for His blessings and forgiveness.

Of course, nobody’s perfect with the exception of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Even he s.a.w. had the human trait  but he was protected by Allah from making mistakes. [I do not want to further elaborate upon this matter, as this will lead to a separate discussion. But I do recommend you to read about Af’al Rasul (Prophet’s action – I’m sorry I could not think of proper translation) for further understanding regarding this issue.] Hence, I may be flawed and erred. With that in mind, suddenly one phrase that has been mentioned by one of my fellow friends came to my mind;

Jangan mengharap isteri semulia Fatimah Az-Zahra andai peribadimu tidak sehebat Saidina Ali”

[transliterated as: “Do not wish for a wife with the traits of Fatimah az-Zahra r.hu if your quality is not that of Ali r.a.” ]



p.s. I used to fall in love with a non-Muslim of Chinese ethnicity. However, things didn’t work well, considering the background of religious as well as cultural differences – and perhaps due to my flawed personality (of which I think was and still is the major factor) . To make things worse, the racial polarization that occur in this country also affects the outcome. I didn’t even take a single step to approach her, even after waiting for two and a half years since the first day I saw her (and Alhamdulillah, I know the limits). After consulting my family and  some of my trusted friends, I have made my decision to let her go.

Reluctantly, to be honest.

Life must go on. Though deep inside, I’m still hoping. But please don’t get me wrong. It’s not because of lust. Neither because of the fair complexion and dark shiny hair. Because, if that’s the main reason, then surely there’s a million (now that’s an exaggeration) of other ladies that fit the criteria (am I being naughty? err..). I never knew why on earth do I fell for her. Perhaps this is what they call “love at the first sight”.

I think I should stop. Otherwise, this might become lengthy. I’m pretty sure that your perception towards me will change upon reading this. I don’t mind, it’s up to you. One thing for sure, I would like to apologize to those who were hurt because of my blind and reckless action (as well as inaction). Till then, wassalam. Please excuse my terrible English…


13 Respons to "Blind, Dumb, and Deaf"

x per boh.. english demo nie masih tahap bagus lagi..
bukan tahap kritikal…


Sheikh, hehe, yang dalam kotak (quote) tu memang ana copy-paste terus daripada inbox fb. Yang ana tulis sikit je… T_T … Lagipun dah lama tak menulis/belajar Engish secara formal sejak habis matrikulasi dulu. Kalau ada pun, cuma belajar guna radio yang BBC anjurkan kat radio 24 tu.

Ohye, nta ingat lagi tak lagu yang diadaptasi daripada kisah tu? Ana dah lama tak layan nasyid, dah lupa la.

Jazakallahu khair kerana sudi berkunjung.

yap.. mmg nampak sangat dah…
oh, enta ada jgk facebook ye…
tolong r add ana : aurakhalifah@gmail.com
Xper… just keep learning n learning.. Insya ALlah..
Allah the Almighty will bring the best to you. Coz we’re
anytime student. Yeah, some scaremongers might says that ENG is hard
to learn. But for me, Malay is harder to learn (hehehe). Yes.. Malay is harder
because there are some fussy tatabahasa (penanda wacana, ayat seru, n lebih kurang macam tu r)

and ENG is simple. and u also can use all of the various ENG slangs in ur writings. Me, also
use some Aussie (Australian Slang) in my writing..
nasyid tentang kisah tu? ada ker? Wallahualam la…sebaab skrg nie pon ana mcm enta.. lama x layan nasyid.
sibuk dgn study… maklum la baru jer form4..

P/S : Sebab tu blog ana nie omputih :)

Betul tu… Bahasa Melayu ni ada seninya yang tersendiri. Ditambah lagi dengan tatabahasa yang dinamik, kerap berubah dan kosa katanya pula sentiasa berkembang. Ana rasa, kalau ana tak lahir sebagai orang Melayu dan dibesarkan dengan budaya Melayu, agak sukar juga nak menguasainya.

Alhamdulillah, bagus la anta muda-muda lagi dah terdedah dengan perkembangan yang baik (dari segi fikrah serta tarbiyah dan juga urusan duniawi – teknologi serta penguasaan bahasa Inggeris dsb). Ana ada adik sedara yang sebaya dengan anta, cuma mungkin sebab pengaruh rakan sebaya agaknya, dia kurang berminat nak belajar. Alhamdulillah, mujurlah dari segi urusan ibadahnya masih terpelihara. Cuma keinginan untuk berdakwah tu masih belum ada. Disebabkan jarak dan kekangan masa, ana jarang dapat berhubungan dengan dia, melainkan melalui telefon. Risau juga, sebab dia anak tunggal dalam keluarganya.

Semoga Allah memberkati kita semua. Semoga semakin ramai anak-anak muda (hehe, macam la ana ni tua sangat) yang berkesedaran seperti anta, ikhlas dalam menegakkan deen dan menyebarkan risalah Islam. Ameen.

p.s. Ok, sekejap lagi ana add. Wassalam.


Hah!…akhi guraba’ baru form 4?

Alhamdulillah, pemikiran Islam telah mendewasakan anta!


Muhammadghazi : tajuk lagu yang enta maksudkan tu ialah “cari pasangan” by Rabbani. Is that rite?

Akhi FM: tu lah, ana pun terkejut pada mulanya. Dari segi penulisannya memang matang berbanding usia penulisnya. ehe.

ukht carteblanche~ : Hm, rasanya ya. Kisahnya seakan sama. Terima kasih~ =)

ya.. betul jgk tuh.. lagu “Cari Pasangan”. mujurla ada sorang hamba Allah nie bgtau.
to akhi Fikru1mustanir.. yap.. kenapa, x percaya? he3.
Sama r macam Abbas [Syabab Dakwah] (www.kasihillali.blogspot.com), cuma dia setahun muda daripada
ana, form5, blaja kat KISAS. ana duk sklh agama bese je di Terengganu.
AuraJihad tu kawan sekampung ana. bese jgk r kuar n sembang kat kedai2 kopi. :P
Sbnrnye dah lama ana rahsiakan umo ana nie.. dan ramai x tahu.
Ana bese aktif menulis di forum Halaqah.Net dan alhamdulillah.. semakin ramai dpt menerima
idea2 yg ana cuba sampaikan kpd diorg..

Alhamdulillah, baguslah begitu. Generasi pelapis untuk meneruskan kesinambungan perjuangan. Tak mengapa, usia bukanlah kayu pengukur mutlak terhadap kematangan dan kredibiliti seseorang. Insya Allah, sama-samalah kita berdoa semoga usaha kita diberkati dan dikurniakan kejayaan di dunia dan di akhirat kelak… Ameen.

Yang membezakan ana dengan anta cumalah kelayakan mengambil lesen kereta. Yang membezakan ana dengan akhi Pak FM kita hanyalah status bujang ana. hehe. Sekadar gurauan je… =)


Ada bidalan menyatakan, “sekali kawin, sekali tua!” Maknanya bila seorang itu telah berkahwin maka dia tidak lagi dianggap muda (mentah) tetapi dia sekarang dikenali sebagai orang tua (baca: matang…hehehe!). Mungkin itu yang dimaksudkan oleh akhi Ghazi.

Kalau nak berterusan ‘muda’ jangan KAHWIN!!!


:) hahaha.. lawak2.. tp 4 ur information.. ana dh ada dh lesen muto.. taon depan Insya Allah nak buat jgk lesen kereta nih.. nanti sama r kita.. hehehe. Owh.. bujang lagi… xder cuba2 nak bertaaruf dgn org lain ker? hik hik hik.

To ‘Pak’ FM, mane bleh gtu.. kalo dh tua tp x kahwin… nanti dah jadi BUJANG TERLAJAK pulak.. :)

Ok, untuk mengenali ana dgn lebih dekat lagi.. sila berkunjung ke

Sila, sila… =)

Akhi G, kalaulah ana dah kawin, artikel ni akan keluar sebagai perkongsian ilmu je la dan tidak terkait dengan peribadi ana. hehe.

Hehe, akhi FM beri “cabaran” kepada orang-orang ‘muda’ (macam saya ni) untuk berkahwin … =)

owh… enta nie ‘muda’lagi… :)

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