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What Constitutes Capitalism?

Posted on: Disember 3, 2008

Picture taken from internet (My apology for being unable to quote the source).


Top layer: Capitalism (symbolized by a bag of money)

Second layer: “We Rule You”

Third layer: “We Fool You”

Fourth layer: “We Shoot at You”

Fifth layer: “We Eat for You”

Bottom layer: “We Work for All” ; “We Feed All”

The Truth that is Hard to Swallow ??


2 Respons to "What Constitutes Capitalism?"


Event: Which way forward for Capitalism? Reform, Regulation or Rejection?

Toynbee Hall was the venue for a debate on Which Way Forward for Capitalism – Reform, Regulation or Rejection?

Speakers included Banking expert Bob Giffords, University of Westminster Business lecturer Francis Mullerdy, Global Vision 2000 rep Mohammed Rafiq and Jamal Harwood from Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain’s Executive committee.

In a lively debate Jamal Harwood presented the solutions that the Khilafah (Caliphate) provides re the crisis arguing that it is time that the Muslim world show some leadership via re-establishment of the Islamic state and its economic policies rather than continuation of the tired, exploitative approach that has failed the third world and is now failing the so called developed world.

Source: mykhilafah.com ( ‘Hizb Worldwide’ segment)


If you ask me, of course the answer will be “utter rejection!!”


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