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Invitation to Islam – Part 2: Proof of al-Quran and Prophethood of Muhammad pbuh

Posted on: Jun 14, 2008

In the part 1 of this series, I have presented to you the proof of God via rational thinking. One article may not be enough to fully convince a person who, for example, throughout his life never believing in the very existence of the Creator. Thus, I would like to encourage such person to further research and ponder about the arguments that had been brought previously. Apart from that, I would like to suggest you to explore the creation of universe and living things. How can it be possible for such unique and well functioning world came into existence by chance? Let me bring you a simple analogy for all of us to ponder. One day you walk through the beach. Suddenly a huge wave came sweeping to the beach. After it subsided, suddenly a wonderful sand castle is built on the beach. Is it possible?

Now, in the second part of the series, I would like to present arguments to proof the holy Quran as the word of God and also to prove the prophethood of Muhammad pbuh. Again, I would use rational thinking process in order to achieve the truth.

As for proving that the Quran is revealed by Allah, it is well known that the Quran is an Arabic book conveyed by Muhammad pbuh. Thus, there can only be three possible sources of al-Quran and it cannot be from any other than these three. It can either from the Arabs, from Muhammad himself, or from Allah.

Al-Quran cannot be from the Arabs, since it had challenged them to bring forth something like it, and they failed to do so. Hence, this book is not their speech because they were unable to bring the like, though it challenged them, and they tried to do so.

“Say, bring ten surahs like unto it.” [11:13]

“Say, bring one surah like unto it.” [10:38]

It is also false to say that it is from Muhammad, since Muhammad is one of the Arabs, and no matter how genius a person, he was still a human being and a part of his community and nation. Since the Arab themselves had failed to bring the like, this also applies to Muhammad, the Arab, that he could not bring the like of it. Moreover, Muhammad pbuh has left hadis (traditions) sahih and mutawatir, whose authenticity is beyond refute. If any of his words to be compared with any verse of the Quran, there would be no similarity between them in style, even though he (pbuh) used to utter the revealed verse and say the hadis at the same time. No matter how a man tried to disguise his words, he will remain similar in style, because his words are a part of him. Since there is no similarity between the hadis and the verse in style, the Quran is absolutely not Muhammad’s words.

Even the Arabs Musyrikeen who opposed Islam never accused him for creating the Quran. Even the ones, who were the most acquainted with the style of the Arabic speech, had never alleged that al-Quran is Muhammad’s word. The only thing that they claimed was that Muhammad brought it from a Christian youth named Jabbir. Allah swt refuted what they’d said and responded;

“We know indeed that they say it is a man that taught him. The tongue of him they wickedly point to is notably foreign, while this is Arabic, pure and clear.” [16:103]

There are some Western orientalists who used Mohammedan interchangeably with Islam, which is meant to show that Islam is created by Muhammad pbuh himself. This is absolutely wrong, because he is the prophet who conveyed what has been revealed to him.

Since it has been proven that the Quran is neither the words of the Arabs nor the words of Muhammad, then it is definitely the words of Allah, and consequently it is a miracle for the one who brought it. And because Muhammad is the one who conveyed the Quran, and the Quran is the word of God; and no one brings Allah’s divine law except the prophets and the messengers, then accordingly Muhammad must definitely be a prophet and messenger, by intellectual proof.

After coming to such conclusion, it has become clear for us to have total faith to whatever that has been revealed in the Holy Quran and also from the prophet’s traditions (hadis). Thus, being a Muslim, there would never be a problem for us to believe in Day of Judgment, the angels (malaikat), the jins (genie), and also syaitan (devils). We would also never doubted the mizan (the scale used to measure human deeds and sins), and many other ghaib things (that can’t be detected by human’s five senses) that has been revealed in the Quran and also hadis. We will also not have any problems in obeying the shariah law that has been built from these two sources. Our one and only concern is on how to interpret from these sources. Should there be any discrepancies, we ought to compare between those opinions and interpretations. Then we will choose one of them which have stronger argument (hujah) and proof (dalil). Unfortunately, not all of us are knowledgeable and also able to derive the rules from the Islamic source. Thus, it is permissible for us to become muqallid (followers) of the mazhabs (school of thoughts) regarding the law (i.e. shariah). However, please don’t misunderstand my statement. This doesn’t mean that we should forever follow blindly. We are also encouraged to study and understand the methods that have been used to ‘pluck’ the hukum (rulings) from the Islamic sources. The method (of arriving to the ruling) is known as Usul Fiqh. It is in fact compulsory (fardhu ain) for us to understand the rulings regarding whatever in relation with what we do in our daily life. For example, a doctor must know and obey the rulings regarding his/her practice, such as cloning, euthanasia, stem cell research, abortion etc. Same goes to the farmers, the clerk, professors and even the leader of the country.

Even though it is permissible in becoming followers regarding shariah, but it is not acceptable for us to follow blindly regarding aqidah (i.e. the creed). Faith must be obtained by each individual, not blindly accepting whatever that had been taught to us.

In the subsequent parts, I will share with you what Islam is all about – from the basics up to the practicality of its practices in our daily life. I would also include some confusion that had been aroused by some of my non-Muslim friends, for example regarding the presence of different schools of thoughts. Insya Allah.

For the time being, I would like to invite any of the readers who are now convinced about the truth of Islam, to confess and become a Muslim. Please read the following;

“I believe that there is no God but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His messenger.”

After confessing your faith, please visit the nearest masjid or Islamic center and meet with the members of committee in that masjid or Islamic center to inform your conversion to Islam.

For those who are still not convinced yet, you are welcomed to raise any doubts that held you from doing so. There will be no compulsion in calling you to convert into a Muslim. Anyway, thank you for reading my articles. I pray to Allah that each and every one of us will achieve hidayah (guidance) from Him. Amin.

P/s: For the fellow Muslims, it is about time for us to renew our iman. And also to ponder whether all this time are we practicing the true Islamic teaching? Or we just simply take whatever that pleased us and leaving behind those rules that we don’t like?



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