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Penahanan Raja Petra Kamaruddin

Posted on: Mei 9, 2008

Penahanan Raja Petra Kamaruddin

Raja Petra Raja Kamaruddin, or known as RPK is one of the bloggers who is brave enough to speak up. Even though I’m quite relatively new to his blog and the website, but I believe that this fellow has done a whole great deal in trying to tell the truth. No Holds Barred, he really means it. But all this doesn’t come without a price to pay for.

I may not agree much to his opinions (in fact, a few of them are contradictory to my opinion and beliefs), and sometimes I wondered, ‘how come he knew all these information that he wrote about?’ but I still respect him nevertheless. He was fulfilling the fardu kifayah where many find it hard to do so.

Some might regard him as a ‘deviant’ Muslim, but who are we to judge him? We are not here to judge others. Let that be the matter between God and himself. But please don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I believe that religion is only a personal matter, but what I’m trying to say is that we cannot label people easily. Even the Prophet Muhammad doesn’t label the munafiqun as munafik (hypocrite) though he knew it. Who are we to do label other Muslims as kafir, or even munafik? This action (i.e. labeling people such and such) is counter-productive and does not have any benefit. What we should do is to try to spread the true Islamic teaching and also try our best to correct the mistakes that had been done. Labeling won’t help.

I don’t know much about the truth of what he told in his blog, neither am I in a right position to make the judgment. I’m not against RPK, neither do I sided with him. But I held dearly to the principles of “innocent until proven guilty”.

Lessons learned

I have learned and re-learned some things from this incident.

  1. We must be careful and responsible with whatever we are doing. All the things that we do, or everything that we say and wrote, can be held accountable and also might be used against us. We must prepare ourselves for any possible consequences of what we’ve done. But I can assure you that every Muslim should not have any problem with it. Because, we believed that each and every single thing that we do in this world is accountable in the Afterlife. That’s why Islam is not compatible with the principles of freedom of speech. Because freedom without responsibility is unacceptable. And the measure of freedom and responsibility does not arise from human mind, but it’s based on the Syara’. That explains, for example, why Muslims are very angered when the Cartoons insulting Prophet Muhammad were released. This doesn’t mean Islam oppresses anybody from speaking up, but one must make sure that it comes with responsibility and respect of sensitivity (this matter will be further discussed in another article, insya Allah).

  1. Man-made laws are flawed, biased and can be easily manipulated by those who have the authority. Particularly in this case, according to Mr. Karpal, RPK’s arrest is unnecessary because it can be done as a civil suit. I’m not so familiar with the law practiced in Malaysia (the common law particularly), so maybe I was wrong in interpreting Mr. Karpal’s quote. But things happen. This is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s about the time for all of us to reject the man-made law, and return to the Shariah law which is guided by God’s word and Prophet’s traditions. The law that is not biased and there is no flaw. God created us as well as the whole universe; of course He knows what’s best for us.

  1. We must stand up and voice out against the munkar. We should never fear any reaction and intimidation that might follow as the result of our action. We should not neglect the duty of amar makruf and nahi munkar, which also include muhasabah to the ruler, even the tyrant one.

“The leader of the martyrs is Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib, and those who account the tyrant ruler and get murdered” Hadis

[I’m sorry that I cannot recall the exact wordings (matan) and the source persons (sanad) properly. Anybody who knows, please kindly inform me, I would appreciate it.]

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