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Issues between Muslims and Non-Muslims

Posted on: Mei 5, 2008

There are quite a numbers of issues that have been debated or discussed among the scholars and also people from all walks of life regarding relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims. Some of them turned out to be fiery, whilst others were viewed negatively. There were also some misconception or ‘being misconceived intentionally’ by some. There were numbers of Muslim scholars who were honestly defending and also trying to give explanation to clear out any of these misconceptions. However, it seemed that most of them ended up trapped and becoming defensive apologetic, as if the deen was being brought to the court to be judged and they were the defendants on behalf of this religion. This is not the right manner to answer their doubts or allegations.

I would like to list some of the issues, of which will be further discussed later. However, please take note that everything that I posted was based on my intellectual capabilities to understand the knowledge and teachings of Islam. I have tried my best to look for the most correct, comprehensive, and best explanation available from Islamic sources. However, if I happened to make mistake, please do correct me. Your kind help will be fully appreciated. I would also like to read comments from you (Muslims or non-Muslim) regarding these issues. I hope that we will reach better understanding so that we can co-exist in harmony without abandoning our obligations toward our religion.

1.  Misconceptions and misinterpretation of Islam.

2. The conversion of religion.

3. Islamic view towards principle of freedom (freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of ownership, and personal freedom).

4. Islamic state.

5. The policy of Islamic State towards non-Muslim country.

6. The dhimmis in Islamic State and their rights.

7. Friendly discussion on proving the existence of God,  the truth of Al-Quran, and the proof of Muhammad’s prophethood.

8. Moderate Muslims? Radical Muslims?

9. Other relevant issues (feedbacks are welcomed).

I hope that further discussion will be in a proper manner, without any sarcasm, foul words, provocations, and lies. I also hope that the discussion will proceed in an intellectual manner, and not being influenced by irrational sentiments, hatred or prejudice.

This is not the end, it’s not even the beginning of the end. But perhaps, it is the end of beginning… (adapted from Churchill’s quote after El-Alamein)


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