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Water Supply | Sanitary Well

Posted on: April 2, 2008

Environmental Health – Sanitary Well

Sanitary well can be defined as ‘a well which is properly located, well constructed, and protected against contamination with a view to yield a supply of safe water’.

Constructing a Sanitary Well

These should be taken into consideration in order to construct a sanitary well.

  1. The well should be sunk in ‘good’ soil and should be sited high enough to prevent flood waters from entering it, also located far enough from latrines to prevent contamination.
  2. It should have casing (lining) which is made of brickwork or concrete; it must be water-tight at least 3 meters (10 feet) deep so that the water in the well is only from the soil.
  3. It must have parapet of sufficient height above the ground level at the mouth of the well to prevent anything from falling into the well. A cover should also be provided.
  4. An apron (platform) made of concrete surrounding the well can further prevent seepage of water from the surface into the well. The apron should be sloping with a drain incorporated.
  5. Ideally, a pump should be installed. Parapet is not necessary if the pump is installed.

An ideal well is a sanitary well installed with a pump.


Adapted from: Lecture notes Environmental Health – Water Supplies part 2; by Dr. Htay Moe of Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Malaya.


1 Response to "Water Supply | Sanitary Well"

Salam, aih, macam pernah tengok je… haha… Edit dari notes Dr. Htay Moe rupenye… minggu depan ade test occupational health plak. Nanti rerajin la masukkan…


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